Inhabiting the Anthropocene: Art Meets Biology

Photo by Nonmajors Biology student Maggie Contos in fall 2021.

This week I had to opportunity to contribute to a great blog called Inhabiting the Anthropocene. My friend and colleague Zev Trachtenberg hosts the blog site, which is “dedicated to exploring the intellectual and ethical challenges raised by the Anthropocene” (i.e., the age of human civilization). Dr. Trachtenberg gathers authors from several fields to reflect on these complicated issues.

I was invited to contribute to the blog to share my experience trying to bridge art and biology in my class. In fall 2021, I teamed up with our campus art museum to get students thinking about how artistic images can shape public opinion about biological issues. Spoiler: The activity went really well!

Learn more about the activity in the Inhabiting the Anthropocene blog post: Exploring the intersection of biology and environment through art. While you’re there, see what other ethical and cultural issues my colleagues are discussing on the blog site.

Have you ever considered trying to incorporate art into your biology class? If so, how did it go?

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