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Ramblings From a First-Semester Nonmajors Biology Professor

This is a guest post by Naima Montacer, who just finished her first semester as an Adjunct Biology Professor at Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas. To learn more about her wildlife and environmental adventures, visit her website at … Continue reading

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Connecting Biology to the Olympics

Thanks to my friend Michael Windelspecht at Ricochet Science for pointing out that ASAP Science has been posting YouTube videos relating biology to the Olympics. The ASAP Science videos are brief and fun-to-watch, and they present content supported by research. … Continue reading

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Life on Mars? Teaching Life’s Characteristics and the Process of Science

The start of the semester always gets me thinking about ways to capture student interest in science and biology. Even nonmajors want to know whether life exists on other planets. Mars, of course, is a prime candidate. I have been … Continue reading

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“Clever Cockroaches”? I Don’t Think So!

One of my goals as an instructor and as a textbook author is to help students understand how natural selection works. It’s such an elegant concept that it should be simple to teach and apply. But students come in with … Continue reading

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The Asteroid as a Catalyst for Discussion

Earth’s “close encounter” with asteroid 2012 DA14 and the Russian meteor shower on the same day have gotten me thinking about the origin of life. After all, evidence from carbon and nitrogen isotopes suggest that some of life’s key chemical … Continue reading

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