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Natural Selection in Tortoises: A (Homemade) Video

[Doug Gaffin and Marielle Hoefnagels worked together to develop the materials used in this post.] A while back, I wrote a post on an activity that connects genotype, phenotype, and natural selection. In a nutshell, the activity uses colored chips … Continue reading

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TED-Ed video: The Cancer Gene We All Have

My friend and colleague Michael Windelspecht recently produced a useful video about cancer. Complete with compelling animations, narration, and analogies, it’s a great launching point for in-class group work or for a homework assignment. The video’s explanations span from genetics … Continue reading

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FOH: Finally, a cure for FMOOWMP

If your students are like mine, no location on campus is scarier than your office. Did you know that their reluctance to come to your office hours actually has a medical cause? I didn’t until I saw this funny new … Continue reading

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Video recommendation: HHMI’s Biology of Skin Color

Over a year ago I mentioned the HHMI Biointeractive site and its excellent videos. I just viewed another one on the same site. This one is called The Biology of Skin Color, and it is another winner. It is narrated by … Continue reading

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Time to start studying…

It’s Labor Day weekend, so I won’t take up your time with a long post. However, I wanted to share what came in my email last week. It was a link to an ASAP Science video called “The 9 Best … Continue reading

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Stop-motion Biology Definitions: A Survey

Have you heard of Vine? It’s a Twitter app that allows users to record 6-second, looping videos and upload them to Vine and other media, like YouTube and Facebook. We are considering building short stop-motion Vine videos to define the glossary … Continue reading

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