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A Cheap and Wonderful Way to Use Bananas in Lab

I’d like to report on another great idea from a recent issue of The American Biology Teacher. This time it’s from the October 2015 issue. Dawn A. Tamarkin from Springfield Technical Community College wrote a wonderful article called “Exploring Carbohydrates … Continue reading

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Calling Educators and Researchers: Here’s a New Source for Travel Funds

If you have ever wanted to expose your introductory biology students to authentic research but weren’t sure how to begin, help is on the way. A multi-university team of faculty, led by Rachelle Spell and Chris Beck of Emory University, … Continue reading

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What Good Is It to Know Biology? Study Says: Not Much!

The March 2015 edition of The American Biology Teacher features a research article by Alla Keselman et al., entitled “The Relationship between Biology Classes and Biological Reasoning and Common Health Misconceptions.” (ABT has kindly posted a free PDF of the … Continue reading

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Making “Reptilobird” Babies: An Action Center Success Story

I have frequently struggled to help students connect the events of meiosis with the adaptive value of sexual reproduction; it’s hard to get students to look away from the stages of meiosis to see the “big picture” of genetic variability. … Continue reading

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The Incredibly Stretchy Condom: A Lab Success Story

In my nonmajors biology class, our first lab of the semester is about the process and tools of science. Students get to practice with hypothesis-testing, the elements of an experiment, showing data in graphs, and metric units of measure. The … Continue reading

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What Is Life? An Active Learning Activity

The American Biology Teacher recently posted an online “How to Do It” article entitled “What Is Life? An Activity to Convey the Complexities of This Simple Question,” by Annie Prud’homme Généreux. In this activity, each student receives a card depicting a … Continue reading

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