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The Laptop Ban: New Research

Faithful readers may remember that a couple of years ago I banned the use of laptops in my nonmajors biology classroom. You can read about the rationale in a previous blog post that summarizes the Mueller and Oppenheimer study, which … Continue reading

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A laptop ban at last

More than three years ago, I wrote a blog post about the debate over allowing cell phones and laptops in class. In the blog post, I summarized a study by Mueller and Oppenheimer showing that students who took notes on … Continue reading

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Laptops for Note-Taking? Doonesbury and Psychologists Weigh In

The Doonesbury strip for June 8 hit on something I was reading about just yesterday. In the strip, a college professor complains to a class full of distracted students about what he calls “your tragic faith in the efficacy of … Continue reading

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Cell Phones in Class: A Faculty Divided

On a whim, I recently asked my students this anonymous clicker question: “How many times do you interact with your phone during a typical lecture?” The graph at right shows their responses. I think it’s fair to eliminate the “2647” … Continue reading

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