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Protein Synthesis with Candy: I Won’t Take Credit, but It Worked

We have been studying protein synthesis over the past couple of weeks. In my experience, students find the details of the process difficult to remember; the role of tRNA (and its mysterious anticodon) seems especially hard for them to grasp. … Continue reading

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Can we nudge students toward those questions in the book?

I spent the better part of last week getting ready for the fall semester, marking off items on my trusty checklist one by one. (If you want me to send you my checklist, please leave a comment on that post.) … Continue reading

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“Clever Cockroaches”? I Don’t Think So!

One of my goals as an instructor and as a textbook author is to help students understand how natural selection works. It’s such an elegant concept that it should be simple to teach and apply. But students come in with … Continue reading

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