FOH: Finally, a cure for FMOOWMP

If your students are like mine, no location on campus is scarier than your office. Did you know that their reluctance to come to your office hours actually has a medical cause? I didn’t until I saw this funny new video from Arizona State University, which explains that many students suffer from a disorder called FMOOWMP, or Fear of Meeting One on One With My Professor. fmoowmp-screenshot

Just like in a commercial for a real pharmaceutical drug, students in the video ask questions, like “Is it dangerous?” and “How did I even get FMOOWMP?” Then, the video proposes a treatment: FOH, or Faculty Office Hours. More questions from students ensue: “Do I need a prescription?” and “Does it hurt?” and “Is it habit-forming?” The commercial ends with testimonials by students who have successfully undergone treatment for FMOOWMP, followed by the obligatory list of side effects (I won’t spoil it for you). The fast-talking disclaimer at the end is worth listening to as well.

I played this video for my class a couple of weeks ago, and I was amazed to see its impact. Suddenly, students started  showing up for my office hours, after weeks of fruitless cajoling on my part. They admitted that the video had played a role in their decision to come in and talk to me. Try it for your own classes — perhaps it will be just what the doctor ordered for you, too.

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