Mythbusting Biology in Class

An AsapScience video has inspired me to try a new activity in class. We’ve talked about AsapScience before. It’s a YouTube channel that creates weekly videos explaining the answers to frequently asked science questions.

Last week’s video was titled “7 Myths About the Brain You Thought Were True.” I embedded the video below. What I loved about this video is that in less than three minutes of colorful, creative art and narration it debunked myths about the brain that many college-level students believe to be true. (Especially the myth that we only use 10% of our brains. I hear that one frequently.) Students will likely leave the video wondering, “What else don’t I know?”

At least that’s my hope. I plan to show this video in class and then allow students to react. They may ask follow-up questions about the brain, or they may come up with their own “burning questions” about something else biological. This could be a great way to introduce a biology course to nonmajors students. It gets them thinking about how much they don’t know about their own bodies.



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2 Responses to Mythbusting Biology in Class

  1. I think “What else don’t I know?” is the password to enter a world of adventure.
    Reminds me of my professor’s favorite quote from Francois Rabelais that she shared with us on the last day of class:
    “Abandon yourself to nature’s truths, and let nothing in this world be unknown to you.”

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